Financial Statement Preparation

Prepare comprehensive financial statements to provide insights into your company’s financial health.

  • Tax Planning and Compliance: Develop effective tax strategies and ensure compliance with tax regulation. This is inclusive and not limited to.
a.) Vat Registration, Amendment & Deregistration Worried about VAT registration or updating your details with Federal Inland Revenue Services? Our tax experts can ensure that your application is filed accurately and in a timely manner to ensure compliance with the requirements of the FIRS and avoid any penalties.

b.) Vat Return FIRS requires each taxable person to file a VAT return through their portal of e-services. Our network of tax professionals can help submit VAT returns on your behalf to ensure that there are no delays or errors and guarantee compliance with the legislation provided by the authority. Once the client registers for VAT the FIRS will allocate to him monthly VAT returns starting from his effective date of registration. The VAT return must be submitted, and the VAT amount must be paid within 28 days of the end of the VAT return period ex: VAT return period is monthly.

c.) Vat Reconsideration To request the Federal Tax Authority (FTA) to review its decision regarding your case, you may file a reconsideration form in Arabic. Our Tax Advisors excel in dealing with FTA regarding reconsiderations and appeals. We can help you bridge the language barrier and file a reconsideration, requesting the FIRS to review their decision.

d.) Vat Consultancy The team is equipped with the most advanced programs and updated information, backed by their experience as VAT experts in the UAE. Our expertise lies in tailoring advice for each client about VAT treatments and ensuring that they are compliant with the FTA legislation.

e.) Tax Agency Representation A company may not always be able to comply with the requirements of our team, having a Tax Agency represent you goes a long way. You can completely rely on our team to handle all tax obligations on your behalf with the tax authorities and ensure that you comply with all tax laws.